Sources on Arab and Islamic Technology and Science

The following reference databases may be used to research aspects of Arab and Muslim science and technology from about 900 to 1500 CE

1. Encyclopedia of Islam Database

2.  Sample entry from Encyclopedia of Islam Database on Arms and Armour

3.  Archnet Research database ( helpful to study buildings like the Dome of the Rock, the Mosque of Cordoba, etc.)

4.  Discover Islamic Art database from Museum with no Frontiers

5. Muslim Heritage is a website with numerous links on exhibits about the history of Muslim civilization, science, literature and arts

    5a.  Medicine

    5b   Agriculture and Environment

    5c  Science

    5d  Culture, Arts, Literature, Music

6. HCT Main Libraries search page

7.  Aramco Virtual Tour of the Sulemaniye Mosque Complex in Istanbul

8. Khan Academy Guide to Islamic Architecture – Cordoba Mosque

9.  Khan Academy Guide to Islamic Architecture – Great Mosque of Kairouan

10.  Aramco Virtual Tour of Haram as-Sharif in Jerusalem

11. Khan Academy Guide to Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

12. Aramco Virtual Tour of the Alhambra in Andalusia

13. Link to full color reproduction of the book and drawings in Al-Jazari’s The Book of Ingenious Mechanical Devices