The Polymaths

Polymath is a term for exceptional geniuses who excelled in more than one discipline.  For example, Ibn Sina the late 10th century scholar who was born and raised in Bukhara in Central Asia was an accomplished scholar who wrote hundreds of texts in areas ranging from medical textbooks, to works of philosophy, poetry in both Persian and Arabic, and works on science.  By the age of 20 Ibn Sina tells us, he had mastered all that was required or known of studying to become a physician, and so in addition to his duties as a court physician he began writing on nearly all subjects of science, philosophy and literature.

For a good guide to numerous polymaths and philosophers browse the Islamic Philosophy Online biographies page.

I’ve selected some key figures for you to browse through and study.  Keep in mind there are hundreds of scholars to study or choose from but here are some of the major figures for you to introduce for further study.  Click on the links to the pages below.